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A RECENT CASE SHOULD SERVE TO REMIND EMPLOYERS ABOUT THE EEOC’S POSITION ON CRIMINAL BACKGROUND SCREENING The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Rooms To Go, a large furniture retailer, reached a voluntary conciliation agreement in September to resolve allegations of race discrimination raised by an unsuccessful black applicant whose offer of employment [...]

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The EEOC Too!

THE EEOC’S RECENT SEXUAL HARASSMENT ENFORCEMENT STATISTICS The EEOC recently released the following preliminary FY 2018 data: The EEOC filed 66 harassment lawsuits, including 41 that included allegations of sexual harassment. That reflects more than a 50 percent increase in suits challenging sexual harassment over fiscal year 2017. In addition, charges filed with the [...]

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Employers Face Increased Enforcement Efforts of Immigration Law

Around the first of October, 2017, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency “ICE” issued a directive to increase worksite enforcement investigations. ICE is the federal agency which enforces the IRCA, which requires all employers to verify the identity and work authorization of all employees, and to document that information with the Employment Eligibility Verification Form [...]

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Responding to an Unemployment Claim Should Be Regarded as a Serious Matter

Employers have a financial interest in providing accurate information in response to a claim for unemployment benefits, in an effort to keep their unemployment experience, and therefore rate, low. That financial interest includes having a system in place to evaluate how they should respond to each claim for benefits, including insuring that any information proved [...]

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EEOC Settlements – Pre-employment Testing

CSX TRANSPORTATION TO PAY $3.2 MILLION TO SETTLE EEOC DISPARATE IMPACT SEX DISCRIMINATION CASE Railroad to Cease Challenged Physical Abilities Testing, Federal Agency Announces HUNTINGTON, W.V. – CSX Transportation, Inc. (CSXT) will pay $3.2 million and furnish other relief to settle a company-wide sex discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Oppor­tunity Commission (EEOC), [...]

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New NLRB Guidance On Employee Handbook Rules: A Return To Sanity

As mentioned in one of our blogs last December, the National Labor Relations Board “NLRB” in a case The Boeing Company, overturned a case concerning employer work rules decided under the Obama Board, Lutheran Heritage Village-Livonia. In Boeing, the Board noted that the test in Lutheran Heritage Village-Livonia had produced inconsistent results and “reigned chaos.” [...]

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A monkey selfie and employers

How Does The Law In A Case Applicable To A Monkey’s Selfie Potentially Impact Employers? The monkey selfie case involves a federal lawsuit in California filed by PETA on behalf of a monkey, “Naruto.” Naruto apparently took a picture of himself with a camera set up by a photographer, Slater. Basically, the suit alleges that [...]

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Employment Law and the Sports World

A Couple Of Employment Law Related Notes From The Sports World Mixed martial arts fighter Leslie Smith has filed an unfair labor practices charge with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that her contract was not renewed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship “UFC” because of her efforts to unionize UFC fighters. This could be a [...]

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Salting: Employers, It Doesn’t Always Involve Food

A recent federal court case from the Eighth Circuit illustrates an employer’s obligations when facing a union “salting” campaign. “Salts” are union members who seek to be hired by non-union employers in order to attempt to organize the employer’s worksite. Briefly, the recent case involved an agency that placed electricians onsite at client construction locations. [...]

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A Couple Of Recent EEOC Cases Raise The Question Of Whether Employers Understand Age Discrimination

A staffing company in New Jersey paid $50,000 to settle a case in which the company sent an email to an applicant notifying him that that he would not be considered for a position because he was “born before 1945” and “age will matter.” An oral surgery practice in Michigan paid $47,000 to settle a [...]

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