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Not convinced you need HR support?

Studies show that by outsourcing HR functions a small company can save on average 25 hours per week, or over $18,000 per year in general and administrative costs alone.

Customers also tell us that the peace of mind that comes from having a professional HR expert handle the paperwork side of managing your human resource systems is priceless.

Clients that use AHEAD HR for employee benefits have told us that they have been able to save money and time by working with our team of benefits experts.

Plus, businesses that use HR outsourcing strategies are more likely to be successful in their market, simply because they are applying the most basic principle of business.

The two major benefits our clients see from working with us:

  • Focus on the things you enjoy in your business and suddenly the relationships you enjoy the most get even better;
  • Focus more of your time, energy, and money on what you do best – your product or service.
HR Outsourcing - Stop Wasting Time and Money


Studies show companies that outsource their HR functions can save big – the typical small company saves an average of 25 hours per week, totaling over $18,000 in savings per year. Save with AHEAD and reinvest in areas that improve efficiencies, add customers, and enhance your products and services.

Employees Hours Dollars
1 – 9 7/week $5,000/year
10 – 19 13/week $10,000/year
20 – 49 23/week $18,000/year
50 – 99 34/week $32,000/year
100 + 48/week $78,000/year

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