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Why AHEAD HR Services?

AHEAD has been providing Human Resource services for 25+ years.  Our experts have decades of diverse HR experience, enabling us to design a custom HR program for each client’s business needs.  We then provide ongoing consultation and assistance, and can implement additional components as your business grows.  Each client has a dedicated HR Consultant assigned in order to provide greater continuity of service.

Within one week of executing our agreement…The transition was seamless in all phases, and the level of expertise and competency continues to impress us.  AHEAD is truly a hands-on Human Resource services provider.

Peter, Executive VP

I made the decision that I had to focus on the things that I really had expertise in and that I felt like I could excel in.  I realized pretty quickly that human resources management and payroll were not at the top of that list.  AHEAD HR was really able to help me out.

Cathy, Owner

AHEAD’s HR Solutions

By transferring these employee administrative burdens to AHEAD HR Services,
we know we can impact your business in 4 major areas:

Talent Attraction

Talent Attraction

We design, shop, and administer a comprehensive benefits programs so you can offer a competitive benefits package to your employees – without the headaches associated with benefits. Benefits mean you can attract – and retain – top talent.

Business Protection Costs

Business Protection Costs

We monitor federal and state workforce regulation changes so you don’t have to worry about staying in compliance – and minimize the risk of costly citations and fees.

Long Term Cost Containment

We maintain an HRIS system, licenses, professional affiliations and equipment so you don’t have to! No updates, no outdated software, no problems.

Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity

Productivity across the board requires focus to run your business. Sharpen that focus on what matters and we believe the results will speak for themselves.

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