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Why AHEAD Staffing

I would recommend Ahead Human Resources to any business.  I value the partnership that we have developed and love working with them and their dedicated staff.

Sherry, Controller

Within one week of executing our agreement we commenced the transition process with Kristi Hagan-Mullins as our point of contact.  The transition was seamless in all phases, and the level of expertise and competency continues to impress us.  AHEAD is truly a hands-on Human Resource services provider.  The scope of service performance includes the tactical day-to-day processes of payroll and payroll tax preparation, interaction with team members and they also have provided us with strategic insight regarding policy and procedures implementation.

AHEAD has become our HR partner.

Peter, Executive VP

I have been fortunate to have used Ahead Human Resources in my various businesses since the mid 90’s.  They respond like a small company with their hands on approach to customer service and their eye to detail, and yet they always deliver like they are a fortune 100 company.

Roy, Business Owner

I chose AHEAD HR because I realized that I could only be in so many places at one time. How many things could I put on my plate at one time and still do them well? I made the decision that I had to focus on the things that I really had expertise in and that I felt Like I could excel in. I realized pretty quickly that human resources management and payroll were not at the top of that list. AHEAD HR was really able to help me out.

It’s so nice to be able to pick up the phone If I have an HR question, It’s like having my own human resources department. The human resources function is well taken care of as long as AHEAD HR is handling it!

Cathy, Owner

If you want to be able to compete with the big companies, you need to be able to offer similar benefits and you can do that with AHEAD HR. In business today, you need to be able to cut down on those things you can outsource. AHEAD HR allows us to do that.

Kelly, Owner

Ahead Human Resources is Cook Compression’s first stop when we need to fill a temporary position.  They listen and understand our needs and have always delivered people who have exceeded our expectations.  I value the partnership that we have developed with Ahead and love working with them and their dedicated staff.

Lisa, Director of Human Resources

In the competitive manufacturing market, it is critical that all customer orders be shipped on time.  In order to ensure a timely schedule, with demand that changes from month to month, it is imperative that a source of reliable manpower be readily available.  Ahead Human Resources is that source. Ahead continues to provide us with reliable personnel which enables us to meet our production while minimizing expenses to my company. Thank you Ahead Human Resources!

Bob, General Manager/Partner

We rely on Ahead to provide custodians in temp-to-hire positions for our operations on three campuses. In addition, Ahead supplies us with temporary laborers, groundskeepers, and carpenters on an as-needed basis. The team at Ahead has been great to work with. They are always responsive to my sometimes urgent requests and phone calls and are always willing to accommodate our needs. It’s April, and we have already hired 27 custodians this year with the help of Ahead Human Resources.

Denise, Business Manager

We have used other services that have not met our expectations. Ahead has met them every time. Their staff is always courteous and friendly. I am pleased to recommend Ahead HR to anyone who needs a quality staffing firm.

Sherrie, Human Resources

We can depend on Ahead, and the quality of work we desire is completed in the most efficient and diligent manner by your employees. We know we can depend on you to have eager employees who will work their hardest and complete each task responsibly and professionally. We appreciate the camaraderie that exists between our two companies. You guys rock!

Scott, Vice President

Working with Ahead is very rewarding, and they have always filled our orders in a timely and professional way.

Liz, Human Resources